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brooke davis appreciation week ● day 6: favorite otp


Brooke Davis Appreciation Week » Day 6: Favorite OTP

I’ve given exactly two of these embarrassing speeches in my entire life and they’ve both been with you.


One Tree Hill meme: [2/5 otps] - Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott
"Brooke Davis is gonna change the world someday. And I’m not sure she even knows it."


Brooke & Lucas Appreciation Week
→ Day 5: Favorite Hugs

@Anon - Well, you know rumor has it that Chad cheated with Paris Hilton on the set of the House of Wax. And there is no excuse for that, no matter who you are. Cheating is not a mistake, it’s a choice. It’s so hurtful to go behind someones back to cheat. 

As an actor, honestly, I think his career peaked while he was on One Tree Hill. He got attention when he had roles on Dawson’s Creek and Gilmore Girls and while he was on One Tree Hill, he was also in Freaky Friday and A Cinderella Story. I just don’t think that he’ll ever be more popular than he was back then. He’s not a terrible actor by any means, but I don’t think that he’s excellent or anything.

@comemyskinnylove - Totally agree.

@Anon1 - No, they met on the set of “One Tree Hill”.

@anon2 - Season 6 start off with Brooke and Lucas on their anniversary because that’s just Lucas dreaming. In the beginning of the episode he imagined what his life would be with Brooke, Peyton and Lindsey. Later in the episode, he finally chose one and proposed to Peyton.

@Anon3 -Thank you for your sweet words. :) Yes, I wish the same.

@Anon4 - The last episode of the season: 3.22 - “The Show Must Go On”.

@bayleekrystalmartin4112 - That happened in 5.05, right? But unfortunately I don’t have the exact gif of when Lucas was showing Brooke the engagement ring.

@Anon - Because that episode for Brucas was amazing for two reasons: 1) the 82 letters speech & 2) Lucas forgiving Brooke with “I’m the guy for you Brooke Davis”. And not to forget “I love you!” “I love you too. Pretty girl.” The music definitely added to the magic: “For Blue Skies” by Strays Don’t Sleep.

@Anon1 - Season 3 is my favourite and 3.09 is probably my favourite episode.
@Anon2 - No, I don’t think there will be a One Tree Hill reunion.